May 10, 2021

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Hugh Jackman poached Ryan Reynolds in an attempt for the role of Deadpool 3

Hugh Jackman pirated Ryan Reynolds using a police officer to get him the role in Deadpool 3.

In a clip posted on Jackman’s Twitter on Saturday (May 1), the Australian actor shared a message from a New York policeman named John Dobkowski, who said he approached him on the street.

Sending a message to Reynolds, Dubkowski says, “Hey Ryan, you gotta get this guy.” [Jackman] at Deadpool 3, Even if it’s for 10 minutes. That would be great. “

Dobkowski continues, “This movie is going to be amazing, so cool, and it’s going to blow up the box office.”

Then Jackman is heard telling the officer what to say. Jackman jokes: “You can add,” or I’ll remind you. “

“Or I will remember you!” Dobkowski immediately repeats.

In a comment attached to the clip, Jackman wrote that the officer was “providing incredibly intelligent career advice” to Reynolds.

(AFP via Getty Images)

Jackman and Reynolds have been involved in a long-running comedic “feud” for several years.

It looked like it began in 2017 when Reynolds crashed a Jackman press plane while preparing for the movie X-Men. Logan.

Reynolds also wore a Deadpool costume to interrupt the Australian’s birthday message on Twitter in 2018.

The pair put a brief pause on “The Hostility” last year to raise money for charity.