May 16, 2021

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Simple Modular Space Dividers: Space Dividers

Spacestor introduces the new Palisades II collection, designed by Muriel Coleman, that offers shelving, zoning and storage in a modern, modular package. The Palisades system uses grid-like metal scaffolding made up of outdoor geometric squares to divide portions of the space. The result is a collection of simple space dividers that add character and definition to any space.

Space dividers serve multiple functions with their highly customizable layouts. The collection offers eight different setting styles that add accents to specific parts of the dividers. Additions include cupboards, planters, storage closets, cupboards, acoustic panels, whiteboards, and more – all with their design flavors. Moreover, Palisades II provides consumers with various options in terms of materials, finishes and colors.

Image Credit: Spacestor