May 9, 2021

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Dismantling Wooden Structures: Dylan Iwakuni

Japanese carpenter Dylan Iwakuni is working on a unique project: moving a traditional Japanese home by dismantling complex fixtures. The house, which was built using strong Japanese cedar wood, was dismantled in a laborious process that involved the skillful use of hand tools. Dylan Iwakuni’s team will remove the handcrafted and interlocking wooden fixtures called Kanawa Tsugi in sections while they work at home. This process is only possible because the house is designed without nails or screws using traditional Japanese architectural techniques.

While Dylan Iwakuni will need to recycle and recycle some of the new wood beams and fixtures, as the old has deteriorated with age, much of the wood is still reusable. The project brings together the old and the new, bringing together a sustainable mindset and traditional technologies.

Image credit: Core77, Dylan Iwakuni on Instagram