May 16, 2021

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Coffee Cup Recycling Boxes: Coffee Cup Recycling Box

This coffee cup recycling bin has been designed by Regency Design in the UK to provide businesses with a way to help shift towards sustainability and to provide customers with a dedicated place to put their cup after use. The container can be branded to suit any business and works simply by having the patron empty their cup before removing the cap and placing them in their respective compartments. Boxes are currently being rolled out at Pret A Manger and Costa locations in the UK as well as at Network Rail stations.

Speaking of the new coffee cup recycling fund, Regency Design Chief Commercial Officer Zach Mannhair said, “The work we do is to provide innovative solutions to the problems that our customers face, along with the country as a whole. In this case, it means creating a product that allows the coffee grounds to separate Coffee cup parts quickly, so that their waste can be recycled. Our solution does that and allows for quick and easy assembly in densely packed areas such as train stations and cafes. It was making good progress by adopting reusable coffee cups, but safety concerns about the new coronavirus will hold back no This progress is doubtful, and with Britain receiving an estimated 2.5 billion cups per year, it is encouraging to see the major brands adopting a more sustainable approach to cup waste. ”