May 10, 2021

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Netflix star fined for mistreating airline staff during flight and yelling: ‘Find my mom’

The Netflix reality TV star and former attorney general’s son was fined nearly £ 3,000 for mistreating staff on a flight and refusing to wear a mask.

Matthew Mohini was one of three contestants Too much to handle They were arrested for their behavior while returning from the Caribbean to the UK, where they were filming the dating show.

The others are Harry Johnson, a tree surgeon from Darlington in County Durham, and Biox Greenslad, legal secretary from Bexleyheath in southeast London.

They have all participated in the show’s second series – scheduled to air this summer – which requires contestants to abstain from sexual intercourse for weeks in order to earn thousands of pounds in prize money.

The trio had been filming in the Turks and Caicos Islands before they traveled to Miami, where they were spotted dropping Margarita as they awaited their connection to Heathrow.

The cabin crew on the British Airways flight asked Johnson, 28, and Greenslad, 23, to ease the situation after they were seen “kissing and acting closely” in their seats.

One of the witnesses reported that they were concerned that the couple was about to have a sexual act.

The defendants became abusive after they were repeatedly asked to put on face masks and informed that the captain had decided not to serve more alcohol.

Prosecutor Christelle McCracken told the court at a hearing in Uxbridge Court of First Instance on Friday that hosts Heather Wayne and Sophie Griffith were the targets of most of the violations.

When Mrs Wayne told Mawhinney, of Mayfair, Westminster, that he was not getting any more drinks, he told her, “Go and ****** find my mom – Baroness Scotland, I’m a Gold Card holder – go get me a drink

He spoiled the written warning he received from the captain and threw it across the cabin.

Baroness Patricia of Scotland, Mohini’s mother, served as a public prosecutor under Gordon Brown between 2007 and 2010 and was also the first woman to hold the position.

She also became the first British citizen to be elected Secretary-General of the Commonwealth and held this position – considered one of the best diplomatic posts in the world – since 2016.

On the February 7 return flight from the Caribbean, Greenslade and Johnson were offensive to the cabin crew after they were told they had refused alcohol.

Greenslade told the flight attendants, “Take my degree, don’t you know I’m a secretary *****, I’ll take your job away from you.”

Beaux Greenslade admitted the abusive or insulting words and behavior during the trip home from filming the second series of the Netflix dating show Hot to Handle


Johnson described Ms. Wayne as a “prostitute” after receiving a letter from the captain stating that he had been banned from receiving more alcohol.

The three defendants admitted that they failed to obey the pilot’s legal orders while on board the plane by refusing to wear a face mask and using threatening, abusive or insulting words and behavior.

In a letter to the court, Mahwinney apologized and said he was “very ashamed” of his behavior during the flight and said it was “the most embarrassing and embarrassing thing” he had ever faced.

The court heard that he had prescribed anti-anxiety medications and sleeping pills before participating in the show, which could affect his behavior.

District Judge Deborah Wright said the three defendants acted with a “profound sense of entitlement without any regard for the crew or any of the other passengers on board.”

“It was young, gullible and stupid,” said Muhammad Reza Ali of Johnson and Greenslad.

Judge Wright said upon issuing the verdict: “You have been at the end of a long period of social confinement and that may have had some psychological impact on you and it may have been the reason why each of you acted outside of your character.”

“Both of you acted with a deep sense of entitlement. Both of you acted without any regard for the crew or the job they had to do.”

Each defendant was fined a fine of £ 1,500, paid £ 500 to both Ms Wayne and Mrs Griffiths, and ordered to pay the victim an additional fee of £ 150 and £ 85 for their abusive behavior.

They were ordered to pay an additional £ 100 for refusing to wear their masks when the captain ordered them to do so.

Earlier this year, Netflix announcedToo hot to handle – First aired in 2020 – will return for season two.

On the show, a group of singles are put on an island hoping to find love – but they can’t engage in any “romantic or sensual” contact or the prize value is diminishing.

Netflix data showed that the first series recorded 51 million views last year.

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