May 8, 2021

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Flight Center now lets you change holidays for free up to your travel day

A travel company is offering sun-hungry Britons the option to book a summer vacation that they can change for free until the day of travel.

Flight Center UK has launched a new policy to change traffic lights, before the UK government reveals which countries will be on the green list, amber list and red list. The states are expected to be announced on Friday, along with a confirmed travel restart date – the closest being May 17.

People coming from “green” countries will not be required to be isolated, while those coming from “amber” and “red” countries will need to be quarantined.

Of course, these lists are subject to change if the destination Covid situation changes.

Stock photo of someone booking a vacation with the flight search page open on their laptop
Flight Center offers free adjustments if the destination of the list becomes green or red

Under the new Flight Center policy, if you have booked a “green” destination that turns amber or red, you will be able to choose whether you still wish to fly, change the date or destination, or cancel your vacation.

This will be free of charge – and adjustments can be made until the day of travel. You can find out more at

(It’s worth noting that there is currently no confirmed green list – travel abroad for vacation is still illegal.)

Flight Center isn’t the only company offering a flexible reservation policy like this. Major companies such as TUI, easyJet, Ryanair and British Airways have launched similar rules for those who want to change their holidays if traffic lights change.

There are also a lot of other Covid scenarios where you can modify a trip for free, for example if you / someone you travel with is showing symptoms and needs self-isolation, or if quarantine rules in a destination / UK have changed.

To give you a helping hand, we’ve put together a complete guide here that looks into some of the major travel companies’ rules about changing your vacation or requesting a refund.

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Of course the Green List will be the most attractive for the holidays, as it does not require any quarantine or self-isolation when you return to the UK (although you will still need to have a PCR test when you return.).

Research from Flight Center found that 69% of their customers were willing to travel to a green-based destination, but also 14% would be willing to visit the Kahraman destination even if they had to self-isolate at home upon their return.

Of those surveyed, 2% said they would travel to a red destination, which requires mandatory hotel quarantine again in the UK, costing the traveler at least £ 1,750. It should be noted that a number of holiday companies have already said that they will not operate flights or packages to a Red List destination

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