May 8, 2021

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Italy opens its doors to tourists from mid-May

Italy will be ready to open up to tourists from mid-May, according to the president.

Mario Draghi said Italy would have its own “national green corridor”, allowing people to move freely between Italian regions, before the planned green digital certificate from the European Union takes effect.

“Waiting for European certification … we have a national green card that will enable people to move from one region to another and it will be operational by mid-May, so let’s not wait until mid-June for an EU permit,” at a meeting of tourism ministers, reports Reuters.

“In mid-May, tourists can get an Italian traffic pass … so it’s time to book your vacation in Italy.”

The proposed certification from the European Union will be its version of the so-called “vaccine passport”, which will allow ease of travel between member states by having a single, globally recognized digital card that can store the vaccine status or Covid test results.

It is expected to be ready sometime in June, but some individual EU countries have already announced their intention to open their doors to tourism before that in May.

Aside from Italy, countries dependent on tourism such as Portugal, Spain and Greece have announced plans to allow holidaymakers to return from the middle of this month.

This date coincides with the same date in the United Kingdom that foreign holidays in England begin to not be banned: May 17th.

International travel will operate under a traffic light system, with countries categorized as green, amber or red depending on rates of COVID-19 infection, with similar levels of restrictions for returning travelers.

The government is expected to announce a “green list” – destinations with less restrictions – on May 7.

Most of Europe would be expected to be amber at first, with Iceland, Malta, Gibraltar and Portugal tendered as potential candidates for the green list.