May 11, 2021

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Where is hot and sunny in June? Likely the list of green countries from Greece to Portugal

Summer holidays will be back for the British, and while we are still waiting for details like where / when we can go, the government said the holidays could resume from May 17 at the earliest.

This means sun-hungry Britons who aren’t tied to school holiday dates may end up having a getaway in June – the good news is that it has always been a great month to travel outside of the peak of the holiday season.

This is because it usually features really hot and sunny weather, and you don’t experience the high season crowds.

Of course, this year’s holidays will look a little different, from the UK’s traffic light system to country entry requirements.

While we’re still waiting to see which destinations will be on the UK’s green list (also known as no quarantine when you return to the UK), dreaming a little hurts future trips.

We take a look at some of the top hot and sunny destinations in June – plus maybe Brits will visit this summer.

Check out our guide below.


Tourists at São Rafael Beach in Albufeira, in the famous Portuguese region of Algarve
Tourists at São Rafael Beach in Albufeira

Portugal has always been a favorite of the British thanks to those silly beautiful beaches, gorgeous hotels, and the plethora of bars and restaurants on offer.

In June, temperatures in hot spots like the Algarve can reach 28 ° C, which is ideal for those who want to relax by the sea. However, you may want to pack some layers in the evening as the temperatures can drop to 20 degrees Celsius when the sun goes down.

Portugal is currently expected to be one of the first countries to be included in the UK’s green list when travel reopens, and it has already said that the British will be welcomed again for the holidays. (This is likely without restrictions if you are fully vaccinated or you can show evidence of a negative PCR test result.)


View of churches in Oia, Santorini, with whitewashed buildings and blue vaulted ceilings overlooking the blue ocean
Oia in Santorini and those famous white and blue buildings

Temperatures on mainland Greece in June can be around 28 ° C, which is ideal if you are planning to go to the beach, although it is still not too hot if you hope to go exploring the likes of Athens.

The Greek Islands have similar weather although it can get cooler in the evening, so pack a few layers! Never was it? Whether you’re after a family-friendly vacation or a romantic couple’s getaway, we have a guide to choosing the right Greek island.

Greece may not be one of the first destinations on the green list, although there are hopes that it can be added by the end of June at the latest.

When travel was previously permitted under travel lanes, the State Department’s advice to Greece and the Greek Islands at times differed, so the scenario could be similar this summer.

For example, the State Department currently advises against travel to Greece, but excludes Rhodes, Kos, Zakynthos, Corfu and Crete. (A national ban on non-essential travel replaces this.)

Greece has already said that the Brits will be welcome back from May – they will not need to be fully vaccinated, but will need to show evidence of a negative Covid-19 test taken before they travel.


Tourists sunbathing at Colon Beach on the Costa Adeje, Tenerife
Tourists are sunbathing on the beach in Tenerife

Come June, Spain usually has hot and sunny days (around 32 ° C) but even cooler evenings, sometimes as cold as 14 ° C so pack a lot of layers. The chance of a sunny day outweighs the risks of rainy days, and with the hot daily temperatures the weather can be ideal to make the most of those golden sandy beaches.

Spain could be initially on the amber list, as returning Britons will need to self-isolate at home for 10 days upon their return to the UK, although there are hopes it will be on the green list in June.

The country is looking into digital Covid passports that will allow visitors to prove they have fully vaccinated against Covid.

Like Greece and the Greek Islands, mainland Spain and tips for the Balearic and Canary Islands weren’t always the same, so some spots may soon open up to the British. For example, the State Department currently advises against travel to Spain and the Balearic Islands, but not to the Canary Islands. (Again, a blanket travel ban replaces this.)

Tarek mountain

A monkey sitting on a rock atop the rock of Gibraltar
A monkey sitting on a rock atop the rock of Gibraltar

Gibraltar usually has a lot of sunshine in June, with average daily temperatures around 26 ° C, and dropping to around 18 ° C in the evening.

There are heaps to explore whether you want to hike to the top of Gibraltar, take a ride on the Gibraltar Skywalk & Windsor Suspension Bridge, or enjoy the waterfront bars and restaurants to be found.

Gibraltar was one of the first countries to fully vaccinate its adult population, and it managed to end its own lockdown restrictions, so it is a strong competitor on the Green List.


The perfect beach in Cancun and hotels with a sea view
Cancun Beach is picture perfect

If you are thinking of a long hike in the summer, Mexico is well worth the radar. The weather in June is hot and sunny, averaging around 32 ° C in the day and 25 ° C in the evening, so you can make the most of the moderate temperatures throughout your entire trip.

June is on the brink of the country’s hot and humid season, so there is a risk of some rain, but overall it’s still fairly sunny!

Mexico is already open to tourists (including the British when the UK allows travel), and you won’t need a test or vaccine to visit.

The country has seen a drop in the numbers of Covid cases and has been given at least 16 million doses of the Covid vaccine, so it could be one of the long-term places to appear on the green list.


View of the colorful buildings of Positano
View of the colorful buildings of Positano

The sunny and mild weather in Italy in June creates the perfect conditions whether you are planning a city break in the likes of Rome or Pisa, or you are hoping to explore the colorful cities that can be found along the Amalfi Coast.

Or, of course, you can plan a road trip along the coast of the likes of Lake Como and Lake Garda.

Expect daytime temperatures to reach 25 degrees Celsius, while in the evening it may range between 16 and 20 degrees Celsius.

Italy may be one of the destinations that start out on the amber list (where you need to self-isolate at home when returning to the UK). The British have recently relaxed border restrictions until May 15, although all arrivals are still required to self-isolate for five days and show evidence of a negative Covid-19 test taken within 48 hours of travel.


Marsaxlokk Market in Malta with traditional Luzzu fishing boats on a beautiful summer day with blue sky and green sea
Marsaxlokk Market in Malta

The weather in Malta in June tends to be hot and sunny with daily averages of around 28 ° C per day.

Malta is one of the strongest contenders for the initial green list, with declining numbers of cases of COVID-19 and the increase in the spread of the vaccine (the country’s authorities say that more than 50% of its adult population has now received at least one dose of the Covid vaccine).

The country plans to welcome a return to the British from 1 June. You will either need to be fully vaccinated against Covid (who received both vaccines at least 14 days before travel), or show evidence of a negative PCR test performed within 72 hours of arrival. If you are vaccinated, you do not need to have a test.


View of the tiered waterfalls in the Plitvice Lakes National Park, Croatia
Tiered waterfalls in Plitvice Lakes National Park

Whether you are planning to visit the stunning national parks of Croatia, beautiful beaches or bustling cities, June offers some dreamy conditions thanks to the mild and sunny weather.

Croatia recently succumbed to a third wave of Covid cases, but these numbers have been declining for nearly two weeks, so the destination may not be on the initial green list, but it is starting as an ‘amber’ country.


It was in the palm sunset garden, beautiful sky and sea line.  France
View of the city was at sunset

Whether you’re dreaming of a romantic vacation in Paris, camping in the French countryside or hitting the beaches along the French Riviera, you can expect temperatures in the mid-20s in June.

The weather tends to be brighter but you might still be risking weird rainy days, so pack plenty of layers and waterproof to avoid being guarded.

France has suffered a third wave of Covid cases, but the numbers are starting to decline, and there are hopes that it will be on the Green List for the Brits by the end of June, although it will likely start on the Amber list.

Which country would you like to see on the green list? Do let us know in the comments below.