May 16, 2021

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Vacationers will be notified two weeks before the green list change

Vacationers will be given two weeks’ notice of any change to the “green list,” according to the transport minister.

International travel was granted official permission to resume work from May 17, under the “traffic light” system. Green countries will face the lightest of restrictions, which means there is no self-isolation period for returning travelers, while those coming from the Red List will face 11 nights of quarantine at the hotel.

In addition to creating a green, amber and red list, the government will create a “green watchlist,” which will give an idea of ​​the “safe” countries that could soon move to amber.

Last summer, travel corridors to various countries and islands were set up and pulled with just days in advance, giving vacationers a little certainty when booking a vacation.

This time, Grant Shapps indicated that vacationers will get two weeks’ notice on whether the destination will be removed from the green list.

The green list is due to be unveiled in early May.

It is not yet known which countries will be on the list, although early hints include Portugal, Malta and Gibraltar in Europe, as well as a handful of Caribbean islands.

Inclusion on the green list will depend on the frequency of vaccine deployment, level of infection, and risk of any virus of concern.