May 8, 2021

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Reduced Weight Airplane Seats : AIRTEK aircraft seat

The ‘AIRTEK’ aircraft seat is a new vision for business class on airplanes that’s focused on reducing the overall weight, maximizing the experience for the passenger and more.

The seat design features an all-composite construction that saves precious weight on the plane to thus reduce the aircrafts fuel burning and CO2 emissions. This doesn’t come at the expensive of the passenger experience as flyers can enjoy extra storage space, more legroom and an ergonomically contoured seat.

The ‘AIRTEK’ aircraft seat is the collaborative design work of JPA Design, Williams Advanced Engineering and SWS Aircraft Certification, and identifies what could be done to retrofit existing airplanes to make them more eco-focused. The modern design also offers a more stylish alternative to the existing fixtures in airplane cabins that are often relatively simple.