May 16, 2021

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Twitter offers to release tickets for the “Spaces” audio feature

Twitter Inc said on Monday that it will introduce a new feature to allow users to pay entry fees to their live voice chat rooms in its “Spaces” feature, as the social media company seeks to prosecute more creators.

So far, only some users who participated in the Twitter beta were able to host their space. The company added that as of Monday, any user with at least 600 followers can be a host.

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It introduced Twitter Spaces last year to compete with the viral app Clubhouse, which launched the trend of voice chatting and attracted celebrities and entrepreneurs, but is still limited as an invite-only app.

Over the coming months, Twitter has said that a limited group of users will be able to sell tickets to access their Spaces chats, and will determine their own rates and the number of tickets that will be made available. The company added that the hosts would keep most of the revenue, while Twitter would earn a “small amount”.

The move is part of Twitter’s efforts to be a bigger player in the “creative economy,” as influencers and freelance writers are increasingly making money from their content on platforms like YouTube or Substack.

Facebook announced last month its plans for voice chat features, and also said it would allow listeners to inform hosts.