May 16, 2021

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Trust our GXT 960 Graphin review: a fast gaming mouse with stunning looks and an affordable wallet price that gives you an edge – James Ide

Founded in 1983, Dutch electronics company Trust is well known for producing reliable, low-cost PC peripherals focused on value for money, but has recently turned its attention to gaming products and trying to balance budget awareness with cutting edge features.

The mouse is especially important, as it is a window of PC games to the virtual world, and it can have a serious impact on how the game feels and how we play well. Some can give you a competitive advantage by making it easier to shoot or look around.

Trust GXT 960 Graphin shows that you don’t need to spend silly money on your gaming gear to upgrade your experience.

RGB lighting is customizable and glows under the hood

The first thing you’ll notice about Graphin is the unique honeycomb design that helps you hold your mouse, and the cut-out design helps reduce weight.

It features a matte black honeycomb cover with a glowing LED block underneath allowing you to customize its look, including a cool looking rainbow effect. I’m not usually a fan of LEDs in all of my technology but the graphene is definitely an eye-catcher.

The size of the mouse is a little small for larger hands and it will definitely benefit from the more comfortable shape. Holes can become uncomfortable after long-term use or when pressed, especially if you get killed a lot in the game that puts more stress on the mouse.

There are six buttons in the standard design that are nothing short of pioneering but still a solid design to rely on.

The large left and right mouse buttons feel very clicked but are also very sensitive due to the number of times they will be used.

The well-textured scroll wheel has a satisfying grip on it and there are two small thumb buttons on the left side that you can customize for use as shortcuts in your games, which is especially useful in competitive games.

Graphene is 40 mm high, 63 mm wide and 126 mm deep for a mouse and is surprisingly light at just 74 grams.

However, if you have a large hand, then the ergonomic design will be more comfortable for extended use.

It’s easy to set up and use to connect via a braided USB-A cable, and it’s really 180cm long. Thanks to the cable, no latency or battery issues to worry about and you can just plug and play.

Graphene is smart with a maximum DPI of 200 to 10,000 making it more than sensitive enough for most gamers. It can be quickly changed on the go with the DPI adjustment button located directly behind the scroll wheel.

Trust management software allows you to set up up to 6 customizable presets

The increased dpi means that the target crossed bristles will essentially travel across the screen faster, which is useful for games like FPS games or if you are working across multiple high-resolution screens.

It also features an adjustable polling rate up to 1000 Hz. Polling rate refers to the number of times a mouse reports its position to your computer, which also helps greatly with speed and accuracy.

You can customize the mouse further by downloading the Trust Management software available from the Trust website.

The software is easy to use and provides detailed RGB lighting customization as well as button and sensitivity configuration.

At around £ 35, it’s extremely affordable, making this a great mouse for casual gamers, anyone on a budget or for kids.


Trust GXT 960 Graphin responds with an eye-catching design with ease of use and customization. It offers great value for money, but its weight makes it feel fluffy. Although not annoying, it is definitely not the most satisfying mouse that I have used.

However, graphene is surprisingly responsive and great for on-the-go gaming due to its light weight, size and affordability, making it easy to toss and forget about my laptop bag.

The Trust GXT 960 Graphin Gaming Mouse is available from Amazon for £ 34.72