Stop smoking – SEVEN top tips to quit your cigarette habit for good

Stop smoking – SEVEN top tips to quit your cigarette habit for good

Cigarette smoking harms nearly every organ of the body, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

About 80,000 people die a year because of their smoking habit in the UK.

Giving up smoking could give you more energy, reduces stress, and lets you breathe more easily, the NHS added.

You could stop smoking by following these seven top tips for quitting the habit.

Set a date

Setting a date to have your final cigarette could help you to build up to quitting for good, according to Boots UK pharmacist, Angela Chalmers.

“Pick a quit date to help you prepare for the big day,” she said.

“Try setting reminders on your phone or post it notes round the house so the big day doesn’t creep up on you.”


Build a support network

“Quitting is hard enough,” the pharmacist said.

“Make it easier for yourself by tackling it with the support of friends and family members. 

“These people know you best and will help you to stay focused when those urges start.”

Quitting smoking may be easier if you’re also doing it with someone else. You can motivate each other when either of you are struggling.

“There’s also nothing like a bit of healthy competition to spur you on.”

Stay connected

“Try creating a special Quit Smoking Whatsapp group with friends also looking to quit. 

“This way you can share tips, articles and facts to help inspire you to quit, when you’re on the move.”


Put your fingers to work

Smokers can become used to having something in their hands.

Take away the cigarettes, and it becomes more noticeable that they’re missing something from their lives.

“It may sound strange, but smokers often find it difficult to adjust to not holding a cigarette between their fingers.

“Try compensating for this by holding something else instead such as a pen or keeping some healthy carrot sticks on standby.”

Avoid trigger situations

“Make life easier for yourself and try removing yourself from situations which can trigger the urge to smoke. 

“This is different for everyone and can include not joining smokers outside on your lunch break or keeping ashtrays at bay.”


Scent therapy

Having a reminder of the unpleasant cigarette smoke smell could encourage you to keep motivated while quitting, Chalmers claimed.

“We all know smoke from cigarettes linger and creates an unpleasant smell on clothes. 

“Keep an item of clothing which you would usually wear when smoking such as a trusty jacket or jumper and keep it in your house as a reminder of the unpleasant smell smoking creates. 

“Alternatively use your favourite perfume or aftershave to create a cloud of scent which you won’t want to ruin with smoke fumes.”


Ask for help

You can get advice on how to quit smoking by speaking to your GP or pharmacist.

“If you’re looking to stop, try asking your local pharmacist for the best options for you.

“If something doesn’t seem to be working try something else, such as mouth spray or smoking patches.”

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