Stephenville council approves finance items

Stephenville council approves finance items

The Stephenville town council approved a number of items under finance during its latest regular general meeting on Aug. 2.

Expense Cheque Listing – approval of $245,289.17 for July.

Janitorial Services – Bruin Enterprises (Klean-All) in the amount of $24,771.00 per year with harmonized sales tax inclusive.

Award of Tender – 2018 one-half ton crew cab 4 by 4 pickup truck to Hickman Motors Limited in the amount of $37,432.00 plus harmonized sales tax.

Asphalt Repair – Western Paving Limited for following prices: asphalt only – $150 per ton; recap up to 500 ton – $180 per ton; patching with prep – $335 per ton; and patching without prep $205 per ton.

Recreation and Wellness Grants Criteria – council approved the eligibility criteria for recreation and wellness grants.

Permission to Tender – council approved the Town of Stephenville tender standing offers for topsoil and hydroseeding.

Remission of Tax – $667.40 and refunds of $218.45 approved.

Property Tax – write-offs of $619.28 and refunds of $619.28 approved.

Poll Tax – adjustments of $190.47 approved.

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