May 16, 2021

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IPL 2021: From Varun Chakravarthy to Sandeep Warrier to Amit Mishra – How the virus transmitted

(This story originally appeared in On 05 May 2021)

From Varun Chakravarthy to Sandeep Warrier to Amit Mishra, the dreaded Covid-19 virus has moved from camp to camp as BCCI’s protocols on social distancing have seen small but neglected breaches last week.

With the Global Positioning System (FOB) tracking device being called “ defective ” by franchisees, teams and the board worked to manually trace the contact to understand how Covid penetrated the vital bubble.

Shakravarthy was rushed to the hospital last week. While official reports say it was for a shoulder examination, those who know say the player was suffering from an abdominal infection, after which he returned to the team hotel in Ahmedabad and sat down for a meal with Warer. This was May 1.


Later, both players traveled with the rest of the squad to train, as Chakravarthy complained that he was not feeling well. The player was isolated in the masseur’s room while Warrior was heading to training, as the Delhi Capital Network session was also underway.

Here’s where BCCI believes the breach has occurred, as the coaching sessions – KKR and Delhi Capitals – ended up at the same time. Warrior met spinster Amit Mishra while curling and bickered with the cricketers for some time before they parted.

Mishra returned to the team hotel after a workout and complained about not feeling comfortable. That’s when the deer was also placed under isolation and further testing was done.

The franchises then ran a daily routine test to determine if any other positive cases were emerging and concluded that the rest of the camp was negative.