May 8, 2021

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Liverpool meets up with the Spirit of Shankly Reds fan group to mend the damaged relationship

The Liverpool hierarchy and fan group will meet Shankly’s spirit in an effort to start rebuilding trust after the club’s participation in the now-failing European League.

Reds CEO Billy Hogan will meet members of the group on Tuesday to discuss how to move forward amid growing hostility between the board and fans following the latest episode of poor judgment from John W. Henry.

“It is an encouraging first step as the club tries to restore the confidence of the fans and their need for positive change,” said the SOS statement, which is expected to continue in the coming weeks.

Liverpool is the first to publicly agree to meet fans, after SoS wrote to Hogan with the results of a poll in which members overwhelmingly (89 percent) called for greater participation and pro-led representation at the boardroom level.

In response to the group, Hogan wrote: “It is positive that SOS has chosen to reconnect with the club because it will allow the necessary talks to take place, the broadcast of opinions, and we hope that practical solutions will be found in line with the interests of the club.”