May 16, 2021

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Three-time world champion Selby beats Murphy 10-7 in the World Snooker Final

London: Mark Selby remained on track to win the fourth World Snooker title on Sunday when he opened a 10-7 lead in the final against Shawn Murphy.

Selby, champion in 2014, 2016 and 2017, won the last four frames of the evening in the Best of 35 Frame Final which closes on Monday.

He was trailing 4-6 6-7 before returning with an impressive break of 67, 86, 57 and 90.

Selby said, “I got a little enthusiastic at first, it’s a global final and I was trying to do more, and Sean started a lot better than me.” BBC.

“In every final match I participated in, I always felt very tired while playing, but I started working today, became graft when I needed it and was able to get my progress.

Murphy is pursuing his second world title, 16 years after his first title.

He won’t be disappointed with his three-frame drop – he trailed 10-6 to Matthew Stevens in the same stage in the 2005 Final.

“I thought it was cool tonight,” said Murphy.

He always seemed to have the answer and put in some outrageous long balls.

“It’s an easier framework than it was in 2005, but in all seriousness I think I showed in the semi-finals that I can win when I’m late. This match is still a long way off,” he added. – France Press agency