May 9, 2021

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A police officer appears to punch a Man United fan on the ground in eyewitness footage

Footage has emerged of a policeman punching a Manchester United fan multiple times while being arrested on the ground.

Fans clashed with police outside the Lowry Hotel, Manchester, on Sunday, as fans protested against the owners of United, the Glazers.

Around 200 fans were said to have gathered at the United team’s hotel and blocked the exits to prevent them from traveling to Old Trafford, where there were further demonstrations.

In an exclusive clip taken from outside the hotel, officers can be seen dragging a young man behind a police truck before handcuffing him to the ground and asking him to “stop resisting.”

Then it appears that one of the officers punched him more than once in the middle of the station before he stood up and pushed other civilians who were filming the incident.

Officers dragged the propeller from the road to the back of a police truck to arrest them
Officers dragged the propeller from the road to the back of a police truck to arrest them

The officer can be heard shouting “Come back now.”

The photographer replies, “I don’t need to touch me. I’m coming back.”

Then the police officer shouted, “Do as I say,” and the man filming answers, “I do as you say, no need to touch me.”

Before the arrest, it appeared that a few fans had stopped a truck in the middle of the street, then footage showed that they were protesting with the driver who had jumped out of the car.

An eyewitness told Mirror Sport, “There was a heavy police presence. They pushed the protesters onto the main road to prevent them from going down to the Lowry Hotel where the players were.”

The officer on the right appeared to have hit the propeller several times while he was lying on the ground
The officer on the right appeared to have hit the propeller several times while he was lying on the ground

“It went well until the fans discovered the game was off, then it started turning ugly towards the police, and I started throwing bottles, lighting smoke bombs.

“They locked the cars, collided with the cars, and kicked them. Then the truck came from where it all started. They were blocking its way. The driver got off and tried to compare it.”

Another eyewitness from the scene told Mirror Sport: “What prompted me to start this accident, I think, was there was a truck trying to cross and the protesters did not allow the truck to pass. The driver got off and two protesters started to get on the front of the truck.”

At that moment, the officers rushed to arrest them.

Then the second eyewitness claimed that the police acted differently towards him upon arresting the individual.

He said, “I had good relations with the police all day.” “They had no problem approaching me as much as I wanted, with their lines and walking through them. At that point [of the arrest] I was forced to turn away from what was happening. “

The officers restrained the fan and told him to do so "Stop resisting"
Officers set the fan and told him to “stop resisting.”

Discussing the protest, he added, “A lot happened, as the demonstrators threw lighting bombs and bottles at the police, and I saw them kick buses that were trying to cross, and stopped the traffic.”

“The place was an absolute tip when they left, the place was broken glass, torches, trash, bottles, all over the floor where they were.

“They kept trying to get close to the Lowry Hotel where the team was staying.”

Mirror Sport contacted Greater Manchester Police for the comment, which issued the following statement: “We are aware of a video that has been circulating online of officers being arrested during a protest today (May 2) near the Lowry Hotel.

The tape shows officers arresting a 28-year-old man on suspicion of stealing a car and in contravention of public order, and he is currently still in detention for questioning.

“The GMP Professional Standards Branch has been videotaped and will examine the footage and all available evidence to understand the full circumstances surrounding the arrest.”

Then the concerned officer (left) and a colleague then pushed back the people who were trying to film the incident
Then the concerned officer (left) and a colleague pushed back the people who tried to film the incident

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Meanwhile at Old Trafford, fans stormed the stadium hours before the Premier League match between Manchester United and Liverpool was due.

Thousands had attended to lament the Glazers, many of them making their way onto the pitch, corner flags removed and broadcast cameras broken.

Some even made their way inside the building, as police made two attempts to secure the stadium.

Outside, police clashed with fans in ugly scenes, with bottles thrown at the officers and two of them were injured.

The match was delayed by more than an hour before the Premier League decided to postpone it by both clubs and authorities.