It became known, when the Earth is closer the planet-killer that causes earthquakes

Стало известно, когда к Земле приблизится планета-убийца, вызывающая землетрясения

At the end of the summer of 2018 Nibiru would approach dangerously close to Earth. Also the astronomers believe that in August of this year, the earthlings will be able to see the planet even without a telescope.

This writes vladtime.

Australian astronomer posted in social networks video, which mysterious planet-killer called Nibiru is approaching Earth. The researchers found that the outer diameter of the object is approximately 260 thousand km, which is twice the diameter of the planet Jupiter. Scientists believe that at the end of summer Nibiru would approach dangerously close to the planet, which earthlings will be able to see her in the sky even to the naked eye. Network users assumed that the approaching planet is not a planet, a comet, but experts have denied this theory. Nibiru can’t be a comet because of the fact that it does not have the characteristic tail. Experts believe that another proof that the Earth is approaching it Nibiru, are uchaschimsya earthquake.

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