Hogville.net Ranks the 2019 Arkansas Football Recruiting Class

Hogville.net Ranks the 2019 Arkansas Football Recruiting Class

FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. – Arkansas currently has 18 commitments. The ratings for each prospect vary from one recruiting service to another.


Many reporters use the 247Composite since it’s an average of 247Sports, Rivals and ESPN. I don’t particularly care for it because it gives as much credibility to someone rating a prospect who never sees the player as it does someone who does extensive study of someone.


All ratings still come down to the person’s opinion who is doing them. Recruiting isn’t an exact science by any stretch of the imagination, but it’s even less exact when it comes to particular schools. A prospect who has 20-30 offers has probably been evaluated pretty hard by the recruiting services, but what about a prospect who might have 5-10? Probably not studied as closely as the normal fan might think.


Since now I’m not working for a service that ranks prospects, I have come up with a system of my own. Yes, it also comes down to my opinion, but one can rest assured every prospect ranked has been studied extremely hard by myself.


I am giving no more preference to a prospect who has an Alabama or Texas or Notre Dame offer than one holding one from the Razorbacks. Once again, recruiting isn’t an exact science. Look at the NFL teams who miss on top draft picks after spending a lot of money to scout them and access to all their medical records and the such.


Here is an explanation of each ranking.



5 Stars – A stud, chance to start Day 1 in college.


4.5 Stars – Just a notch below a 5-star but still should be an impact player in college pretty early in his career 4


4.0 Stars – A definite impact player. Probably projects to a 3-4 year starter depending on his position and where he goes to college. The depth chart at his college, but an outstanding player


3.5 Stars – Someone who could redshirt his freshman season but has the talent to play if needed. Should translate to a three-year starter if he is in right system and certainly could start two years.


3 Stars – A solid college prospect who may lack a step of speed or some size to not be rated higher. But still solid and likely to start 2-3 years in college.


2.5 Stars – A prospect who probably needs to redshirt as a freshman. Maybe he will spend a year or two on the scout team, but has a chance to start a couple of years and maybe more. So much of how many years one starts depends on how deep the particular school is at his position. Has some work to do to be ready to make an impact in college.



With that ranking system in mind here’s a look at each of the 18 commitments to Arkansas. Early this week rankings will be released for the top prospects still being eyed by the Hogs.


KJ Jefferson, QB, Sardis (Miss.) North Panola – 4-stars. This kid is what being ranked a dual-threat quarterback is all about. He can run exceptionally well. I also like how he sees the field when scrambling around out of the pocket.


A’Montae Spivey, RB, Phenix City (Ala.) Central – 3.5-stars. He has very good speed and one has to love his size. He may or may not redshirt in 2019, but is capable of playing if needed.


TQ Jackson, WR, Jefferson (Texas) – 3.5-stars. Combines outstanding speed with size. Could very well move up to a 4-star as the season plays out. Should make very early impact with Hogs.


Treylon Burks, WR, Warren – 5.0 stars. He’s as good as anyone in the country at his position. He has to play all over the field for the Lumberjacks, but when he gets to college and concentrates on wide receiver he should be an All-American. Has a very good chance to be best of all the Warren wide receivers that have included many great ones.


Shamar Nash, WR, Bradenton (Fla.) IMG Academy – 4-stars. He should team with Burks and Jackson to give the Hogs some instant help at wide receiver. If the ball is thrown to him he will go get it. Very talented.


Joseph Stone, OL, Gulf Breeze (Fla.) – 3-stars. He played guard for his high school team in Alabama last season. Will also play guard at Arkansas.


Beaux Limmer, OL, Tyler (Texas) Robert E. Lee – 3.5-stars. Should be a big help on Arkansas’ offensive line in the future. Moves well and could be a guard for the Hogs in the future. Should have a good career.


Mataio Soli, DE, Douglasville (Ga.) Douglas County – 4.5-stars. This kid is an opposing offensive lineman’s worst nightmare. On his Hudl, it’s like a pass-rushing highlight drill. He will not only make a big impact at Arkansas, but he could do it immediately.


Zach Williams, DE, Joe T. Robinson – 4.0-stars. Has very good quickness and speed for the defensive end position. He will get bigger once he gets on a weight program in college. One of the best defensive ends in the SEC area this year. Easy to see why so many schools offered him.


Collin Clay, DE, Putnam City (Okla.) – 4.0-stars. He plays both inside and at end for his high school team. An outstanding run stopper. He has a chance to grow much larger. Will be an end unless he outgrows the position and is moved inside in college. He’s as good against the run as any of Arkansas’ line recruits.


Eric Gregory, DE, Bradenton (Fla.) IMG Academy – 4-stars. A very solid pickup for the Hogs. He and Nash both should make very early impacts at Arkansas. One of the elite high schools in the nation.


Marcus Miller, DT, Warren – 3.5 stars. Went from virtual unknown in recruiting to being offered by the Hogs. If he stays healthy in 2018, he could have a very good season. Will definitely help the Hogs.


Carl Williams, DT, Lufkin (Texas) – 3.5 stars. This is another run stopper. He can rush the passer, but his specialty is plugging up the middle of the defense against the run. Should make a name for himself early at Arkansas.


Enoch Jackson, DT, Mansfield (Texas) Legacy – 4-stars. This is higher than he will be ranked most places. Some will knock his ranking down some due to his height, but this kid is a football player with a motor. I see him being a great one at Arkansas.


Zach Zimos, OLB, Richmond (Texas) Fort Bend Travis – 4-stars. His film was fun to watch. What makes him so good is he can come up in the box and make plays against the run or drop back at safety and defend the pass. He is a perfect linebacker to defend the type offenses most schools run now.


Adonis Otey, CB, Murfreesboro (Tenn.)Blackman – 3.5 stars. Almost a 4-star prospect. He is physical for his size and can recover well if receiver has step on him. Adjusts well to ball in the air. He could be very special at Arkansas. One to watch for a move up to 4-stars in future.


Malik Chavis, CB-ATH, Rison – 3.5 stars. This kid is super fast. He plays a lot for Rison obviously going both ways. He is a man among boys in that conference with his speed. One of the biggest sleepers in this class.


Myles Brooks, S, Pflugerville (Texas) Hendrickson – 4.0 stars. Another one I debated between 3.5 and 4 stars. I will give him the benefit of the doubt that I didn’t give Otey. Reminds me of Kenoy Kennedy. When he hits the offensive player they feel it for awhile. Packs a wallop. Very physical safety.


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