May 16, 2021

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Trevor Noah blames the absorption of herd immunity in America

Trevor Noah reported on Monday’s “The Daily Show” that America may never reach herd immunity from COVID-19. This means that the coronavirus does not disappear completely.

Noah said, “Frankly, in these divided times, it’s great to see all Americans come together to fail at something so easily achievable.”

However, he urged everyone: “If you can get vaccinated, but haven’t yet, then that should be all the motivation you need.”

But what about the British? Americans did not block the market in a fool. Scientists across the pool allowed 5,000 fans to attend a six-hour music festival inside the tents in Liverpool on Sunday, just to find out how many of them were infected with COVID-19.

Attendees were not allowed to wear masks or social distancing, just like in olden times. However, they were required to have a negative test beforehand and agree to a second test five days later.

The government’s Experimental Events Research Program plans to use the findings to determine the future of similar festivals this summer, and perhaps learn a thing or two about how the virus is transmitted in crowds.

Prom? Noah joked, “Not Louis Pasteur and this crap with a dog.”

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