May 8, 2021

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My mom has a genius trick that removes sweat stains from clothes with one ingredient

Nothing can spoil the mood like discovering that your favorite clothes have permanent yellow sweat stains.

When it comes to summer, white clothing is the worst offender, and regular cleaning methods don’t always seem to work.

Due to how hot it is in the summer (remember?), Removing stains can sometimes require a large amount of elbow grease.

So it is convenient to show one easy way.

Chantel Mila revealed on TikTok that she uses dental tablets to remove unsightly stains – and it really works.

The mother, who posts under mama_mila_, has shared a video revealing her useful hack, which has garnered thousands of views.

Sweat-stained T-shirt
Sweat stains can be difficult to remove

Before and After revealing that stubborn stains were completely removed and her clothes were returned to flawless white.

She wrote: “Soak in warm water and two denture tablets for half an hour. Wash as usual.

“Denture disks have whitening and stain-breaking properties on white clothing.”

After soaking a shirt with denture discs
The mother uses denture discs

Lots of people liked the hack, with someone writing, “Good advice, tablets are good in the toilet too.”

Another wrote, “Thank you, I never knew this.”

And a third added: “Thanks for this who would have known!”

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