May 8, 2021

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“My grandmother wrote to me to insult my child’s name and I worry she’s right.”

Picking a baby name is very important – after all, it will still be around for life.

But it’s not always wise to share your prenatal choice, and to be honest, people can be very rude.

At the end of the day, you can’t hear others’ opinions on this or you may end up never picking a name.

There are plenty of options – with many parents split between a classic name or something more experimental.

One of the women shared her anger after learning her grandmother’s opinion on choosing her (beautiful) name.

The future mother was escorted to Mumsnet to seek advice from other parents and explain why she was so upset about the situation.

A woman looking at the book of children's names
The mother’s choices of names resulted in her nose plucking out of the joint

“Because of our little girl in just a few weeks. It took us a long time to pick a name that matches well with the middle name as well as the surname and the name we both love,” she wrote.

“My nanny wrote to me this morning and asked if we had chosen a name yet, so I told her that we had told her that the name we had chosen was Esmé.

But here it gets a little weird – and you can totally see why she was shocked by Granha’s response.

“Her response was simply” such a strange name. “No more, no less. I am amazed and I don’t know what to say.

“I know it doesn’t matter what other people think about the name we pick for our baby girl, but that made me doubt myself, and now I’m sitting here worried about whether we’ve picked the right name. Am I unreasonable?”

Other mothers immediately sympathized, claiming that it was not irrational at all.

One advised: “People will comment if you tell them the name before the baby is born, but hopefully they will be fit to keep it for themselves once the deal is done.

“I’m sure it’s about generations with my grandmother. My name is the same, whatever name you hear is not the standard name Mary / John you think is weird. I’m not going to have an argument with an old lady about it though.”

Another wrote, “This is my daughter’s name, and I think the name is very beautiful. People are very rude, and no one should have an opinion on anyone’s name.”

Another father agreed, adding: “Esme is a beautiful name, and it’s not strange at all. It’s beautiful, it fits a child and an adult, and I think a nice and successful woman.”