May 16, 2021

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Tech Mahindra and Reagene file a patent for a molecule likely to attack the Coronavirus

The IT company is in the process of patenting, along with Reagene Biosciences, a drug molecule that could attack the coronavirus, according to a senior company official.

Tech Mahindra Global (Makers Lab) chief told Nikhil Malhotra that the company and its partner are applying for patents that will be further tested.

Markers Lab is the research and development arm of Tech Mahindra.

“We have found a molecule that can attack the Coronavirus. We have applied for a joint patent and we cannot reveal the name of the molecule unless the patent process is complete,” Malhotra said.

Tech Mahindra and Reagene Biosciences are in the process of research. Makers Lab has begun analyzing computer modeling of the Coronavirus. Based on anchoring studies and computational modeling, Tech Mahindra & Partner chose a shortlist of 10 drug molecules from a list of 8,000 FDA-approved drugs.

“We used technology to filter these 10 drugs. These drugs were tested with our partners in Bengaluru. Then they were reduced to three.

“Then, we created a 3D lung where we tested and found the action of a single molecule according to our research. We did a computational analysis and our partners did a clinical analysis,” Malhotra said.

He said the research also aims to prepare the technology for future drug discovery using computer technologies.

“There is a need for more animal studies, but we believe that this technique can actually reduce the mechanism of drug discovery in the biological calculation. We are in the process of doing more studies to verify the effectiveness of this,” Malhotra said.

There are many drugs under trial and the world, people now only rely on vaccines to protect themselves from the deadly Corona virus.

According to official data, India now has more than 98,000 active cases and daily infections due to COVID-19 crossed over 3,600 on April 29.

The Indian government has allowed drugs like Remdesivir and Tocilizumab, depending on the severity of the patient’s coronavirus infection.

People have been posting on social media about the shortages of Remdesivir and Tocilizumab in the country.

The deficiency of Tocilizumab can be assessed from the fact that the center can only administer 150 doses of Tocilizumab Injection to the populous state of Uttar Pradesh.

Malhotra said Makers Lab, which uses artificial intelligence and other computational techniques, cuts drug discovery time.