May 9, 2021

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The couple planned and booked their entire wedding before their engagement

We all know that planning a wedding can get a little out of hand and things can get stressful for everyone involved.

So one couple decided to do things a little differently in the lead up to their big day.

They knew that people would make a fuss about things once they announced they were getting married, so they planned the whole thing before the engagement.

TikTok user @ evh1990 revealed how the fraudulent plan was implemented in a video on her account.

She began by asking fellow users, “What was the odd and unique thing that you did when planning your wedding?

“I’ll go first …”

She went on to explain how they’d picked everything they wanted in advance, including restaurants, the dress, and the date and time.

Then they assured their guests would be free at their wedding, by inviting them all to a barbecue that day.

Only once did the suggestion actually happen did they tell the nearest and dearest truth.

The barbecue was actually a cover for their wedding, and it was happening in just four months and there was no reason to worry about it, as it was taken care of completely.

The bride shares her idea on TikTok
People thought the idea was “genius.”

The bride said, “We planned the whole wedding, the catering, the dress, everything, before the engagement and put it in the diary of friends and family as a” barbecue party. “

“Then when we got engaged and told our friends and family that we got engaged, we said, ‘Oh, that barbecue, not a barbecue. It’s our wedding day. It’s in four months, nothing to worry about, nothing to worry about.

“Highly recommend. Highly recommend.”

Over 4,600 people have viewed the TikTok clip so far, and hundreds have liked it.

Some were quick to describe the idea as “genius.”

One person commented, “Genius! My parents did the same, they got engaged on Monday and married at the end of the week at the registry to avoid any fuss.”

Another person said, “I love this.” “We are already engaged but we like the idea of ​​saying we are planning a ‘party’ and making it our wedding.”

A third admitted that they did something similar, adding: “Yes! Other than the dress, we booked everything and only told our parents before our engagement.”

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