Gaza waiting for implementation of truce with Israel – Middle East Monitor

Gaza waiting for implementation of truce with Israel – Middle East Monitor

Palestinian factions are waiting for the results of the Egyptian and Qatari moves to set up a truce between Israel and Palestinians in the Gaza Strip, Mujtama magazine reported yesterday.

According to the magazine, Palestinian sources said that the ongoing mediation efforts are related to the previous truce understandings which were reached a couple of months ago.

Hamas, along with the other Palestinian factions in Gaza, are calling for the “full implementation” of the truce understandings, including increasing the Qatari funds and expanding the fishing zone.

Member of Hamas’ Political Bureau Khalil Al-Hayya said: “This week will be decisive regarding the truce,” noting that the movement’s leadership had told the Egyptian officials who visited Gaza that the Palestinian factions are calling for a full end to the siege.

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Mahmoud Khalaf, the member of the High Leadership Committee for the Return March and Breaking the Siege, said: “The Egyptian delegation is to pass the reply of the Palestinian factions to Israel on Thursday. This includes implementing the previous understandings.”

Speaking to Mujtama magazine, Khalaf stressed that there are no new understandings, noting that the Palestinian factions in Gaza do not rule out a new Israeli aggression.

Meanwhile, Palestinian sources told the magazine that the night activities of the Great March of Return have stopped in an apparent implication that there is something happening behind closed doors related to ending the ongoing situation in Gaza.

The Israeli constant attack on Gaza – Cartoon [Sabaaneh/MiddleEastMonitor]

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