Former Penn State football CB Da'Quan Davis addresses Nittany Lions about getting kicked off team

Former Penn State football CB Da'Quan Davis addresses Nittany Lions about getting kicked off team

Da’Quan Davis said couldn’t find himself after being kicked off the Penn State football team for getting arrested for marijuana possession and possession of alcohol by a minor in 2015.

But now, the former Nittany Lion cornerback has and he returned to University Park earlier this month to spread his message to the current players.

And the message is simple, know who you are and know that football doesn’t last forever.

“That clock runs out eventually,” Davis said. “Whether it’s now or it’s 20 years from now. Football doesn’t last forever.”

“I teach my kids every day be passionate about something other than football,” Davis said. “Because at the end of the day, once that title was stripped from me, I had a tough time figuring out who Da’Quan Davis was.”

Davis went into his upbringing in Baltimore and how football was everything to him, his escape and once it was taken, he lost himself.

He said he became a follower at Penn State, thinking nothing bad could happen to him and was smoking marijuana and drinking and partying.

“I became a follower,” he said. “It’s easy to go into a mode of what somebody wants you to do. But to be a man and stand on your own two feet, that’s real power.”

Davis said coach James Franklin gave him multiple opportunities to right himself, but he couldn’t. And that’s part of why he was there talking to the players.

“If someone’s trying to give you information to be successful in life, don’t be combative against that,” Davis said.

“Never think you’re too good to learn. Never think you’re too good to know anything. You never stop learning.”

He said he came because now-NFL safety Adrian Amos was his teammate in high school and they wanted to start a tradition at Penn State, a school that was hurting.

Davis said he could’ve left and he didn’t have the best career, but he knows what the Lion logo means and he wants the current players to own that and take it to the next level.

“If I can be just a twist of the ear, just to think of life a little bit differently,” he said. “Football doesn’t last forever. Be passionate about something other than football.”

With the Lions, Davis played in every game as a freshman in 2012 on defense and special team, played in seven as a sophomore in 2013 and five as a junior in 2014 before he was kicked off the team in May of 2015.

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