May 14, 2021

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clubhouse: Streaming social network FLYX launches audio conversations platform Bakstage

FLYX, the streaming social network, has launched a new platform for audio conversations – Bakstage – that will allow users to have real-time conversations with people including prominent personalities like celebrities and athletes to corporates, entrepreneurs, politicians, influencers and more.

Unlike Clubhouse, the newest sensation in the same space, Bakstage will support both, live as well as recorded discussions. The users will also have access to recordings, which they can later download and use for podcasts.

The aim of the company is to open the doors to live conversations about various topics, including movies, shows, sports, tech, news, finance, social causes, politics, etc.

Bakstage will be available on both, Android and iOS platforms.

“We at FLYX are constantly innovating to bring the community together and have meaningful conversations from movies to books to sports and things which impact the society. It is our mission to build an open platform for free flowing conversations which are beyond texts, pictures or visuals,” said Shashank Singh, CEO & Founder, FLYX.

He added that users wanted a space where they could casually engage with fellow fans, cast and crew members to discuss fan-theories, and reviews, which became the genesis for building Bakstage.

In comparison with Clubhouse, Singh told ET that live audio chat rooms are going to be the next frontier of social networking and it is not going to be dominated by one company alone.

“It’s not a winner takes all market and in my opinion, the winner is not decided yet,” he added.

The platform will not only encourage multifaceted discussions across topics, but will also provide an opportunity to content creators to share their talent with a larger audience leveraging these live audio conversations.

During a private beta test, FLYX invited a few local bands and singers to perform live on Bakstage, and the company said that the audience loved the experience of live entertainment.