May 14, 2021

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Destined for stardom

THOUGH she is only 12 years old, Putri Amani has become the youngest talent to be signed under Def Jam Malaysia. Popularly known by her stage name Kowachee, the young artiste has long been in the entertainment industry.

At the age of four, Putri started out as an artistic gymnastic athlete for PELAPIS Selangor, before learning hip hop dance at the age of eight. As her career as a dancer kicked off, so did her popularity.

Under Def Jam Malaysia, 2021 saw Putri releasing her debut single Pap Tapom, which was produced and written by Bryan B and De Fam’s Sophia Liana.

Bryan noted that as Putri was only 11 when they recorded her upbeat, catchy debut single, he believes she was born to be a performer, while Sophia chimed in that the song was meant to be suitable for Putri’s age and to reflect her vibrant energy.

“I have always wanted to try rap because to me it looks so powerful and fun at the same time. My mum also wanted me to join the rap scene. I was so inspired to start rapping and here I am,” Putri told theSun.

Do you find it easy or hard to learn/come up with dance moves?

It won’t happen in a short period. First, you need to learn from the right dance foundation. Once you know the counting, understand the beat and feel, it can be easier to create the move. Like for me, I normally try to understand the song first so that I can express the song in my dance moves.

Is it easier to dance or rap?

I am enjoying doing both, and dance is much easier for me since I’ve been dancing at the age of eight and rapping is something I need to explore more since I’m still learning and adapting to rap as an art and technique.

Why did you choose Pap Tapom as your debut single?

I choose Pap Tapom because it’s for dancers and choreographers to memorise the steps or choreography. So I call it a human method to feel, understand and memorise something.

What was it like working with Bryan B and Sophia Liana for the song?

I’m so grateful since I get to work with professional and experienced people. They know how to comfort me when I’m feeling nervous.

Who would you like to collaborate with next?

I want to collab with our President Joe Flizzow, Sonaone, the queen Zamaera. There are tonnes more I want to collab with!

How do you balance being a performer and a student?

I am lucky to have my mum with me, she will always monitor me and tell me when’s the time to study, practise dancing or rapping and having fun with the fam!

What message do you want to send by pledging to save Malayan tigers with WWF Malaysia?

The tiger is a symbol of national pride. I am using my social media platform to spread awareness that we need to save and help to protect the natural habitat of tigers. All of us can do more for the tiger. Only a few are left, so we should send more pledge messages to save the tigers.

After Pap Tapom, what will you be doing next?

If Pap Tapom is a success and gets a lot of support, I would definitely love to work on my next release, but as for now I am planning to work with a mentor and to produce my own song.