May 9, 2021

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Art on the cards

Khenifa created her designer cards because she felt people missed sharing many special moments after the Covid-19 pandemic last March.

I have not seen my close friends and miss our usual meetings. “

“I want to share lost moments by writing (to each other) the Hari Raya card,” said Khenifeh, who started making cards in 2008.

It also released art-inspired “Duit Raya” packages.

“It’s like writing a love letter. We spread love to our loved ones through our words.

As a child, Khenifa and her siblings enjoyed counting and comparing the cards they got.

The artist, who has had a business page in the online gallery on Instagram (Pip of Art Gallery or pipofart) since 2019, has created five designs for Raya Cards 2021.

“ I created three new designs with the Hari Raya theme while two more ideas are based on my current artwork. ”

Its creations are priced at RM39 for a combination of five cards, and RM35 for two or more groups.

Aside from the abstract artwork, Khenifeh also designed the hijab (todong).

She created a simple elegant piece from the Scarves for Hijab mountain range by singer Lisa Hanim for the upcoming Aidilfitri.

Although Khenifa became interested in art when she was 14, she never had the opportunity to pursue her passion.

A personal tragedy sparked her determination to pursue her dream.

I revealed my diagnosis of stage 2 breast cancer in April 2019.

“This is how my journey in art really found its way to shine. Art has been my soul and my healing ever since. Cancer has made me an artist.”

In 2020, she explored simplicity in art, and successfully created three minimalist art series, The Mountains Series, Minimal Scenery, and Chinese Ink Series.

She has also fingerprinted and plans to explore more abstract scenery this year.

“I joined OHSEM2021 held by Art Market and Pantai KL Hospital in July.

I hope to continue my “Buy Because You Care” campaign, where a percentage of sales of each pink painting will be donated to Makna (National Cancer Council).

“I started this campaign on my own last year and plan to do it every year.”