May 10, 2021

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Bennifer: The revival? Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez are hanging out again.

In news that goes down more smoothly than Dunkin’s daily iced coffee (extra sugar with a side of Munchkins), Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez are seen hanging out together.

The actor was spotted taking him to the singer’s mansion in Los Angeles several times late last week, according to photos acquired by Page Six.

Apparently, one couldn’t simply drive to the singer’s house, so instead, Affleck was taken back and forth from the Bel Air Hotel to Lopez’s neck in the woods, where he was said to have spent several hours.

The “Way Back” star was photographed – wearing a T-shirt bearing the name of his beloved hometown, of course – with a military-style backpack in tow as he stepped out of a white Escalade SUV said to belong to Lopez.

And in case you thought Affleck was simply sharing his way around town, Lopez was seen sitting in the same white SUV wearing some aviator sunglasses in other photos of the same day.

“They’ve spent time together in Los Angeles for the past week,” an unnamed source told People of the encounters. “They have a lot of love for each other. They have always liked each other.”

While the stars, previously called Bennifer, date back only two years in their early early periods, their contributions to culture have persisted long after the couple’s expiration date (see: The really excellent movie “Gigli,” a song about the ages “Dear Ben, “Jenny From the Block” music video seen around the world, etc.)

After all these years, they were both on the heels of a very public breakup. Affleck split up with his pandemic-era girlfriend Anna de Armas in January, while Lopez and Alex Rodriguez called off their engagement after four years together in April.

So, of course, the internet has been pushing hard for a reunion with Bennifer in 2021. While neither has commented publicly on the rumors, they have done little to dispel the notion that things might flare up again.

Just last month, Affleck spoke about Lopez’s appearance in a sweet interview with InStyle, praising the multi-hyphenated artist as “the most hard-working person I’ve ever had in this field.”

“Where is the fountain of youth kept?” he wrote. “Why do you look the way I was in 2003 and kind of look like I’m in my forties … at best?”

Lopez mocked the compliment, writing a response, “Ben’s funny! He still looks good too.”

On this note, we will leave Busy Philipps’ comment on this matter.