May 10, 2021

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Bollywood legend Dilip Kumar discharged from hospital and recovered at home

Veteran Actor Dilip Kumar.
Image Credit: IANS

Legendary actor Dilip Kumar has told his wife, veteran actress Saira Banu, that he is “in his best health”.

She added that the 98-year-old actress entered Hinduja Hospital in Mumbai for two days for some routine check-ups and tests following doctors’ suggestions.

“Doctors advised him to enter Hinduja Hospital in Khar (a hospital not infected with Coronavirus) for routine checks. A representative of“ Badusan ”told ANI:“ There is no complication in the body, his condition is fine. ”

She added, “In the past two days, all the tests were done, and he is now discharged from the hospital.”

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Saira Banu and Dilip Kumar
Image Credit: PTI

Banu thanked the fans for all the good wishes, and said, “Because of all your prayers, Dilip Saheb [sir] He is in good health and will return home now.

The ‘Kranti’ representative canceled his birthday celebration last December due to the Coronavirus crisis, as two of his siblings had died from the virus.