Dude inexplicably hacks car to play Toto's 'Africa'

Dude inexplicably hacks car to play Toto's 'Africa'

He’s blessing the rains down in Africa — with his car keys.

YouTube user Chris Ng revealed in a video that he recently hacked his beat-up Volvo 240 so that every time he opens the car’s door and the keys are in the ignition, Toto’s 1982 hit “Africa” begins to play.

Well, an 8-bit version of the song that sounds like it’s performed by the Super Mario Bros.

Ng dreams of making the current “beep beep beep” automobile chime as retro a relic as “Rosanna” by Toto.

There is some enthusiasm for his rock ‘n’ road bright idea.

One Reddit user commented, “With start up music like that, you’re pretty much guaranteed to take a long, meaningful road trip full of introspection and soul searching every time you get in the car.”

Mashable reports that the inventor is now raising money on Kickstarter to bring customizable chimes to a used Ford Taurus near you.

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