Collect Europe's most wanted

Collect Europe's most wanted

Europol wants to “show criminals the red card”.

On Thursday Europol a social media campaign to help track down the 25 most wanted criminals in Europe. The goal of Europol’s “Most Wanted Cup” game is to collect the cards of all 25 fugitives and complete Europe’s most wanted criminals team. The criminals are displayed on a football pitch with their faces hidden. Players can reveal their faces and details of their crimes by entering codes found on social media.

A total of nine codes will reveal two or three players over the course of the game, which runs until 15 July, the day of the World Cup Final. The fugitives are wanted for a number of serious crimes ranging from murder and armed robbery to fraud and drug trafficking. The 25 criminals originate from 23 EU countries, including one from Luxembourg.

There is even a monetary reward for information that leads to the arrest of some of the fugitives.


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