"Celebrity" airport monkey adjusting to life at primate sanctuary

"Celebrity" airport monkey adjusting to life at primate sanctuary

“Celebrity” airport monkey

A now-famous monkey named “Dawkins”, is adjusting to his new life in Dilley, Texas.

Dawkins is known for his great escape at the San Antonio International Airport a few weeks ago.

The “celebrity” monkey now lives at a primary sanctuary called Born Free USA.

“We have about 550 monkeys here,” said Dr. Katie Johnson, a veterinarian at Born Free USA. “They have so much personality. Each one is so unique.”

Born Free USA is a nearly 200-acre primate sanctuary, where monkeys go to retire.

According to the nonprofit’s website, their mission is to “end suffering of wild animals in captivity, and rescue individual animals in need.”

“We’re here to give them the best possible life they can have,” said Dr. Johnson.

Dawkins had just landed on an American Airlines flight from Chicago, when he escaped his crate at the San Antonio Airport on May 21st.

The rogue monkey was on the run for almost 3 hours, before he was finally sedated. He was then transported to his original destination in Dilley.

“He’s really been enjoying himself, and settling into his new environment,” said Johnson. “He’s the big celebrity here. He’s the boss of the area.”

It’s a new beginning for the now infamous monkey, surrounded by more than 500 new primate friends.

“He definitely started out retirement with a bit of a bang,” said Dr. Johnson. “He’s got plenty of companions to enjoy the rest of his life with.”

If you’re interested in helping Born Free USA, and other monkey like Dawkins, click HERE.

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