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Ride-hailing platform Careem is recalling its UAE workforce – for one day a week at the office

Careem is calling its workforce in the UAE for one day at the office … every week.
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Dubai: Passenger transport services company Careem is changing its remote working strategy: in the future, employees in the UAE will return to the office for one day a week.

“We have always believed that in-person interactions are an integral part of our culture and a powerful lever for collaboration,” said Mudassir Sheikha, CEO of Careem. “This is reflected in our remote-first approach, which included plans for a ‘weekly office day’ right from the start.” (It was last September that Careem launched its first remote policy.)

The one-day-a-week return will run as a pilot program in UAE operations. The company operates 36 offices across its network. The UAE was chosen for the pilot following its positive progress in its vaccination schedule, with over 12 million shots of the vaccine administered.

The pilot run will last two months and will conclude with extensive feedback to decide the next steps. “The idea is for us to test hypotheses about which work is best done together in person and further develop our tools and approaches to successfully engage colleagues deployed elsewhere in this work,” he added. “This pilot and iterate on our way of working at the forefront to drive productivity, effective collaboration and strengthen the Careem culture.”

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