May 14, 2021

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Refugee Translation Services : Refugee Translation Service

NaTakallam (“we speak,” in Arab) Language School offers language, translation and cultural exchange services provided by people who have been forced to leave their homes, giving them access to a source of income at times when they might not be able to work because they live in a refugee camp or other sort of temporary housing.

Displaced people are paired with students from around the world to practice languages via Skype, offering high-quality, award-winning learning programs taught by refugees, for all levels of Arabic, French, Persian and Spanish, as well as professional language services in translation for both people and organizations around the world.

The platform offers affordable, flexible and personalized language practice lessons with native speakers, while providing a valuable source of income for displaced people in Lebanon, Argentina, Turkey, Yemen, Iraq, Burundi, Egypt, France, Brazil, Italy and Germany, among other countries.

Image Credit: NaTakallam