May 8, 2021

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New Haven homes pay their own mortgage loans


The East Sussex Harbor in New Haven isn’t just an old town. It was once identified as part of the Cities Government Fund – but it hasn’t received any funding yet. But something new is happening along North Lane, which is located behind a 1960s telephone exchange and across from a parking lot. Thirteen eco apartments are being built, and developer Humayun Khan says they will pay off their mortgage.

“This is my trial run,” the 71-year-old was the rafters in the front hall of a completed showcase apartment. He just finished explaining how sliding windows will not need cleaning: They will be sprayed with a non-stick spray, which means that the seagull mess will slide right in in the rain. Most importantly, an estimated £ 120 a year was not spent on window cleaning which could alternatively be paid for the mortgage.

Under the Khan System, New Haven homes were designed so that all income and savings would be reduced, making it possible to pay off the mortgage within 20 years. Rent an attachment for family, tenants, or for vacation; Sale of additional energy generated by solar panels, reinforced with mirrors; Save money on food by growing vegetables indoors; Reducing water bills thanks to the “gray water” system that recycles shower water into toilet water. “The bills are a flaw in design” is Khan’s motto.