May 14, 2021

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Female-Specific Career Platforms : InHerSights

Women have generally struggled more in the workplace compared to men, and with the ongoing global pandemic, women are at an even greater disadvantage finding employment – cue the new InHerSights app. The platform is dedicated to helping women find the correct career and opportunity for their lifestyle. The InHerSights app collects 16 key metrics that “often matter more to working women” including flexible work hours, maternity and adoptive leave, and child care, among others.

InHerSight co-founder and CEO Ursula Mead commented on the launch of the app, stating: “Our hope is that women using the app after being laid off or while furloughed can jumpstart their search using the tools we’ve provided,” said Mead, of the new app. “Of course, we want women who need jobs to find them as fast as possible, but we also want to return to them that sense of control over their careers,” she added.

Image Credit: InHerSight