Australia's MCG bans parking over security concerns

Australia's MCG bans parking over security concerns

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The Melbourne Cricket Ground can accommodate about 100,000 people

Australia’s largest stadium, the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG), will ban cars from parking at the venue for major events under a new security plan.

The decision is designed to reduce the likelihood of a vehicle attack that could target a crowd, the stadium’s board said.

Two such incidents took place in Melbourne last year, killing a total of seven people. Similar incidents have caused horror around the world.

The MCG recently trialled the ban.

“Ongoing events both around the world and closer to home clearly demonstrate that we need to minimise the risk of interactions between vehicles and pedestrians, especially in crowded places such as outside the MCG,” chief executive Stuart Fox said in a statement.

The board said the policy was consistent with the Australian government’s strategy to protect crowded places.

The MCG can accommodate up to 100,000 spectators. The parking ban was tested during cricket’s Ashes in December.

Motorists will be able to park outside the ground for smaller events, but they will face greater restrictions than at present.

Authorities in Melbourne brought in several public safety measures last year, including permanent road bollards and a new emergency warning system.

In January last year, six people died and dozens were injured after a man allegedly struck them deliberately with a car in the city’s centre.

A separate incident in Melbourne in December claimed a man’s life and left another 18 people injured.

Neither incident was related to terrorism, police said.

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