May 8, 2021

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Physical NFT Galleries : Superchief

Part of the appeal of purchasing an NFT is the fact that it’s a unique digital asset and in many cases, collectors want to show off their unique purchases—Superchief in New York City sets itself apart as the world’s first physical NFT gallery space. The fully carbon-negative space is a place that’s devoted to displaying digital works of art that can be appreciated in person thanks to high-resolution screens. On-site, visitors can expect to see NFT artworks by the likes of 1010, Ondrej Zunka and Ellen Sheidlin.

Recently, the gallery held its first NFT auction from its Starter Pack exhibition and Swoon’s ‘Genesis’ NFT closed at $11,500. NFTs introduce a new kind of ownership, backed on the blockchain, that lets collectors hold onto certified versions of artist creations, or sell them for large sums of money.