May 16, 2021

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Luke Bryan had to tell his grumpy mom that he wasn’t Maren Morris’ paternal child

In Luke Bryan’s case, the mom didn’t know what was best – but she heard it first.

In “Eileen” Tuesday, presenter Ellen DeGeneres asked American Idol judges to cause rumors of a baby being born from co-worker Marin Morris. (Watch the clip below).

The married Brian burst out laughing and settled into the funny tale.

Given the opportunity to forever silence the scuttlebutt on television during the day, Bryan didn’t waste it.

He said, “I am not the father.” “We can call Mauri Bovic or whatever you want to do.”

Povi ، is, of course, a host known for running paternity tests on his show.

Brian hit the rumor mill when The Sun wrote in error last month that Morris had welcomed a baby with Brian’s “husband” last year, E! I mentioned, the sun has corrected the error.

Morris enjoyed the obvious mistake. “I think the cat just got out of the lukebryan bag,” she wrote on Instagram Story.