May 12, 2021

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Natural Indoor Gardens: Benetti Homes

In the past year many of us have kept indoors, and Benetti Homes want to help bring greenery into our interiors. The Italian studio uses 100% natural and stable moss to create fully customizable indoor wall oases. These unique living fixtures are completely self-sufficient and maintenance free.

The walls of the lichen are made of a moss called Cladonia Stellaris, native to northern European forests, which never attracts dust or insects. The moss is in natural cream color, and it is available in 12 different colors.

To amplify the oasis experience, an upgraded version of the vertical garden features an aluminum panel that supports algae and is able to produce sound through engineering technology. The panels connect to an external speaker which is controlled by the user through the Benetti Homes app.

Image Credit: Yanko Design