May 8, 2021

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AJ Pritchard describes how a social media stunt went “ horribly wrong ” and burned her friend Abby Quinin

AJ Pritchard described how a social media ploy that saw his girlfriend, Abby Quinin, suffer third-degree burns was a “terrible mistake”.

Accurately come to dance Star Pritchard filmed Hacked Life with Quinin, who is also a dancer, in January. The purpose of the presentation was to show how to cut a bottle in half for use as a vase.

This technique involves dipping a rope in a flammable chemical, wrapping it around the bottle, and lighting a flame. However, a glass exploded and set fire to Quinin’s upper body.

Talk to ITV’s This morning, Pritchard thanked fans for their “love and support”, adding: “Frankly, it’s very good to have a lot of positivity in a world that feels so overwhelming right now.”

“There is an educational program to follow online and unfortunately a fatal mistake happened,” he said, recalling the incident. I think the really scary thing was her clothes caught the light, her hair was sunny, and it all happened very quickly, yet it felt like a life-long scenario.

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On how he responded to the situation, he said that “the most annoying thing” is “seeing someone you love on fire and feeling very helpless.” He said, “As soon as the flames erupted on her body, on her hair and on her skin, we covered her in damp towels, called 999, did everything we thought was the right thing to do and took her to A&E as quickly as possible.”

Curtis is the brother of Pritchard, who rose to fame Love islandHe was there to help, and took the husband to the hospital. He said, “I was upstairs and knew they were making this video. I heard the fire alarm sound and just got off. I remember just opening the door and there was glass on the floor and the door was a little bit jammed, and I saw AJ there. I said, Is everything okay?” He said. : No, and I immediately knew that something had happened. “

Speaking about Quinin being discharged from the Chelsea and Westminster Burns unit, Pritchard said: “Seeing her on the first day, picking her up from the hospital, it was the happiest day of my life, seeing her walking towards me, getting up from the wheelchair – obviously they were all included as you can see from That photo – she brought it back to bed. “

Quinin had a skin graft and Pritchard said it was “healed wonderfully”. Regarding her long-term recovery, he said: “At the moment, we’re just focusing on what we can do every day and seeing those small improvements that seem like huge steps forward.”