May 8, 2021

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Line of Duty fans believe Ian Buckells is based on Boris Johnson

Members Duty line I speculated that Ian Buckels’ character was inspired by the current Prime Minister, Boris Johnson.

* Spoilers follow Duty line Sixth Series Final … *

On Sunday (May 2) episode its climax from Duty lineIn Season 6 of Season 6, it is revealed that the so-called “Fourth Man” formerly known as “H” – the criminal spy who works within the upper echelons of the police – was none other than Supervising Detective Buckels (Nigel Boyle).

The character had escaped suspicion much of the series with his corruption dismissed as incompetence. Toward the end of the episode, Supervisor Ted Hastings (Adrian Dunbar) bemoans how Buckles was allowed to “fail up” through the police ranks.

Duty lineIts founder, Jade Mercurio, is an outspoken critic of Johnson and the current Conservative government, and recently described the prime minister as “bent” on Twitter.

The official Twitter account of World Productions, the show’s production company, has retweeted a number of posts linking Buckells’ character to Johnson.

Among these is a tweet by former Labor Communications Director Alistair Campbell, which reads: “How can some people fail to believe in rising beggars” – BorisJohnson’s best jed_mercurio so far #LineOfDuty

In another tweet posted by the company, pictures of Buckles and Johnson appeared, along with the quote: “Your corruption has been confused with your incompetence.”

“I wonder if the reason so many people are so angry is that they don’t want to admit that this guy is basically Bukills?” Other books, along with a GIF of Johnson.

Duty line It can be viewed on BBC iPlayer.