May 14, 2021

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Britney Spears criticizes the BBC documentary “The Junkie”

Britney Spears has opened up about a new documentary effort to chronicle her life and her career.

“Several documentaries about me this year with other people take my life,” Spears wrote in a lengthy Instagram caption on Monday (May 3). “What can I say … I feel so flattered !!!! These documentaries are so hypocritical … they criticize the media and then do the same.”

The singer is likely referring to the new BBC documentary, Britney’s Battle: Fans, Criticism and A. Preservation, Which was released on Saturday by the BBC’s broadcast service.

Follow New York timesFrame Britney Spears The February movie explored Spears’ fame and the media took on his career.

The BBC movie also features interviews with people the filmmakers claim are on “both sides of the issue”, including Perez Hilton, makeup artist Billy Brasfield and choreographer Brian Friedman.

“I don’t know all of you but I am glad to remind you all that even though I have gone through very difficult times in my life … I’ve had great times in my life and unfortunately my friends … I think the world is more concerned with the negatives.” Why highlight the most negative and traumatic times in my life since some time ago?

Back in March, the singer commented on Frame Britney Spears My documentary, she wrote on Instagram that she “did not watch the documentary, but from what I saw it I was embarrassed by the light they put me in … I cried for two weeks, well … cry sometimes !!!!”

Since 2008, Spears’ affairs have been controlled by a court-ordered guardianship that allowed her father, Jimmy, to oversee her finances as well as her personal life.

Although he no longer oversees her personal life for health reasons, he continues to manage her property, despite telling the judge that she wants him removed from office.

Last week, Spears asked to address a Los Angeles court in person to talk about the guardianship that has controlled her life and finances for 13 years. The judge set a date in June to hear her.