May 16, 2021

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Wanderlust Decor Collections: Prabal Gurung and Etsy

Prabal Gurung and Etsy teamed up to create a home décor line that serves as a celebration of wanderlust, joy, and self-expression. The collection can be recognized by its bold colors, florals and hand-dyed fabrics. In this exclusive home décor collection inspired by the life of a Nepalese designer as a cosmopolitan nomad, there is everything from hand-painted table linens and dinnerware to candles.

The collection is filled with colorful pieces that promise to serve people well throughout the spring and summer seasons. As people spend an increasing amount of time at home, they are investing in comfortable amenities that help elevate the atmosphere. These cheerful home décor pieces will add color to interiors and add fun, while demonstrating quality, beauty and craftsmanship.