May 14, 2021

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Woody Harrelson insisted on helping strangers out of the apartment

Wall Street Journal reporter Alex Janine and her boyfriend, music producer and sound engineer Grant Jefferson, were transporting their items from their New York City apartment over the weekend when they got some random help from famous actor Woody Harrelson.

On Saturday, Janine posted a photo of herself and the “Zombieland” star holding indoor plants and smiling at the camera on Twitter. The text of the comment, which soon became widespread,:

“Woody Harrelson helped us out of our apartment today. I love you, New York City.”

“I was thinking of myself, only in New York,” Jefferson told HuffPost about the experience via email. “Of course, I didn’t want to burden us with our help, but I couldn’t refuse to have a story to tell my friends.”

Jefferson added that the pleasant encounter with the actor changed the way he viewed celebrities.

Jefferson told HuffPost, “I’ve realized that letting fame empower you or make you pretend may be something more internal than the result of fame.”

In a follow-up tweet, Janine explained that Harrelson was leaving a store next to the building when he saw the couple move in. Janine said she was riding her bike to U-Haul the same moment Harrelson was looking for a Citibike stop. The couple asked if they knew the whereabouts of the closest person, they all talked, and Harrelson – whom Jefferson described as having “perfect father’s feelings” – eventually “insisted” on helping them move.

And although the verb was sweet (especially as Jenin too I acknowledge She lives in a mobile building), some people on Twitter have been distracted by one particular aspect of Janine’s picture – the status of her fig plant.

Apparently, Harrelson didn’t get over the bush when he saw the plant, either.

In response to several Twitter users who are having trouble with her factory condition, Janin Wrote: “Yes, I realize the violin leaf is already dead. And yes, Woody told me I should water it more.”

Jefferson told HuffPost that after Harrelson helped the couple move in, the “true detective” star had resumed his search for City’s bike.

And although the couple eventually made their way to their new home, the pathetic plant did not.

“We left it on the street for a better (hopefully) home,” Jefferson said. “I have a fantasy and Woody came back later and memorized it. He was anxious.”