May 14, 2021

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The Weeknd will not submit music for consideration at the Grammys, despite its ‘Secret Committee’ canceled.

The Weeknd doubled down on its decision not to enter his music any longer for Grammy Award consideration in the future, despite Recording Academy announcing it is canceling “secret committees”.

“Although I will not be presenting my music, my recent admission of corruption will be a positive step for the future of this plagued award and give the artist community the respect it deserves through a transparent voting process,” he said. In the May 3 statement to New York times.

The Weeknd, born to Abel Tesfaye, gave a quote as well diverse“I think the industry and the public alike need to see the transparent system play a real role in order to celebrate the win, but it is an important start,” he said, noting that he is still “not interested” in the Grammy participation.

Last week, the Recording Academy announced a rule change in the nomination process that eliminates so-called “secret” nomination review committees.

While the Academy did not acknowledge “corruption” in the rule change announcement, Grammy Interim President Harvey Mason Jr. diverse In a separate interview that he had been working to cancel commissions for several months before The Weeknd topped the big publicity award, with his album topping the chart, After hoursHe received no recognition when the nominations were announced last November.

He said, “Anytime an artist, especially an artist of that stature, questions our process or thinks something is unfair … the academy will of course be affected by that, and want to work on improving things.”

The Independent Contact the Registration Academy for more comments.

“My love is still corrupt. You owe me, the fans, and the transparency of the industry,” Tesfai wrote on social media at the time.

At the time, Mason stressed that the move was an impartial decision by the nominating review committees. He said, “There are no agendas there, there is no. Let’s ignore this person or that person.” diverse After the nominations were announced in November. “It’s about, let’s try and find the distinction.”