May 10, 2021

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Line of Duty Season 6: BBC Announces Massive Watch Numbers for Finale

Watch numbers for Duty line The final match has been announced – and it’s formidable.

Throughout the week, the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) was mocking Series 6’s conclusion as “the only viewer waiting for it,” leading many to believe that the episode will be the end of the show entirely.

This seems to have paid off considering that Episode Seven was not only the most watched episode in the series, but the most watched episode of the year so far, as it was amazingly tuned to find out who the “Fourth Man” was. This percentage represents 56.2 percent of the country’s TV viewership

Since these are just overnight reviews, it appears the number will increase as views of the BBC iPlayer record over the next few days, which means that the episode is set to easily exceed the premiere of the sixth series, which was seen by a 15.20m crowd.

In terms of just taking the nightly numbers into account, this makes the finale the most watched UK TV episode since Doctor Who The Christmas Special Show in 2008, which was watched by 11.7 million viewers.

It also beats previous episodes of Duty linePlus another best TV song by creator Jade Mercurio, Personal guard.

Despite the ratings, the final ending was widely criticized as “disappointing” by viewers.

On Monday (May 3), the BBC hinted that we would be pleased to present more crime show episodes if inventor Jade Mercurio wishes to do so.

Read the full channel release here.

Martin Compston as De Steve Arnott in “The Line of Duty”

(BBC iPlayer)

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Each series has six Duty line Available to broadcast on BBC iPlayer.